Many patients are embarrassed about wearing dentures and wish to keep them a secret. It is important to select a skilled dentist who can help you choose the right dentures for you for the best fit, aesthetics and long term performance.

Many patients have poorly designed dentures that are too light for the patient’s age, are too small for their face or are set up in unnaturally perfect alignment. Another giveaway of many dentures is that the teeth look artificial, lacking in translucency, colour variation or natural characteristic such as imperfections. Even if the teeth are set up correctly, often the gum can look artificial as natural gum is not uniform in color.

Flat pink dentures are a thing of the past. The latest hand crafted dentures are comfortable and realistic enough to convince even the most discerning onlooker that they are viewing natural teeth and gums.

By working closely with our patients, often using old photographs, we and our skilled team of technicians can recreate a smile long since lost. Having life-like denture teeth and gums, personalised tooth positioning and the resulting improved lip support are all essential for improved denture appearance.


We offer traditional removable dentures as well as implant supported dentures. Implant supported dentures offer patients better stability, more natural fit and aesthetics as well as the added benefit of improved bone health. Learn More


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