Careful surgical and restorative planning is essential for ensuring effective, reliable implant placement. All options are considered and discussed thoroughly to ensure that the patient is happy and comfortable to proceed. These thorough diagnostic stages, which involve digital dental CT scans and laboratory simulation of proposed restorations, allow us to offer fully inclusive fees for dental implant treatments.



Stage 1: Diagnostic Scan

• Three dimensional imaging (Cone Beam CT scan) of treatment area, single jaw


Stage 2: Implant Placement

• Teeth extraction (if required)

• Implant placement

• Same-day temporary fixed bridge

• Aftercare during healing period







Stage 3: Final Restorative Stage

• This stage involves 4 appointments in total and begins 6 months after your Implants have been placed (stage 2).

• Impression stage of clinical and laboratory work associated with provision of definitive fixed titanium-based implant bridge. Adaption of any changes you may wish to make to the colour or set up of your final bridge.

• Verification of implant position prior to precision milling of your bespoke framework from a single block of titanium carried out in Canada.

• Try in of framework and final verification of the appearance and colour of your final bridge

• Fit of definitive fixed titanium-based implant bridge


At Confident Smile Studio, located at Los Algodones, Mexico, we are proud to be able to offer the best Bone Graft materials like, Bioss, Mineross, Cytoplast and many others.











Planning your Treatment


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