We are a small team who are committed to providing a personal service and ensuring each visit is a calm and comfortable one.


We are a small team who are committed to providing a personal service and ensuring each visit is a calm and comfortable one.


Our philosophy is to put your needs first. We value good communication and it is important to us that we listen to your questions, concerns and requirements. We aim to involve you in every stage of treatment.

All treatment options will be discussed and tailored to meet your needs, and you will ultimately have the final say.


We are equipped with the latest technology providing Digital X-Rays (safer, lower radiation dose) and our Intra-Oral Camera (which helps us to explain your treatment).



Here are just a few more reason why You should choose Confident Smile Studio

Advanced Treatment Options


We use the latest treatment techniques, procedures and dental materials to offer a wide range of options to suit your needs.


IV Sedation


For patients who are nervous about receiving treatment of who find it difficult to remain still while dental work is being performed,  it’s performed by a certified Anesthesiologist.


Free Consultation


Our Treatment Co-ordinator offers a free of charge opportunity to visit the Practice to get to know us, discuss your dental concerns and talk about some of your treatment options.


Every Treatment Under One Roof


We are able to offer all your treatments in the same building, whichever specialist you may need to see.


Convenient Location


 Located only two blocks from the border, with a private parking lot.





Good Old-Fashioned Customer Service


At Confident Smile Studio we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of good old-fashioned customer service. We strive to provide the best individual care possible for you throughout your Dental experience. If you have any special requests or questions, however small, please do not hesitate to ask any member of the team.


Wi-Fi and Ipads


 We understand how busy life gets. To help you stay connected, we offer complimentary Wi-Fi and even Ipads for your convenience and entertainment while you wait.


Comfortable Surroundings


 At Confident Smile Studio we like to make your visits as comfortable and enjoyable as we can. Our  sitting room will put you at ease and is a great place to relax either before or after your dental treatment

Keurig Coffee Station


 Brewing your favorite coffe, tea and hot chocolate daily, while you enjoy a wide variety of the latest magazines and newpapers.


A Fantastic Team


We pride ourselves on having a friendly, helpful and dedicated team at Confident  Smile Studio. We are all trained to the highest standards and are familiar with all the latest dental techniques and procedures. We will provide the best care possible and look after you through every stage of your journey.


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